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1 Linestanding 2 Bike and car work 3 Washington D.C - Baltimore - Richmond -NYC

The Network

This network is growing. We continue to solicit the finest couriers D.C. has to offer. They are experienced, hungry and eager to cover your work. We know whom to trust with your job when we cannot do it ourselves. We’d better – your continued business depends on our good judgement.

Why Realcourier?

Networking is the future of Washington’s courier industry, dependent, as it is, upon “independent contractors”. Theoretically, as independent contractors, couriers are free to take or decline any work they are offered. In reality they’re treated as employees and expected to take every job dispatched to them if they want to get their paltry 20 jobs a day.

Automated Ordering

Our automated ordering form allows you to simply type in your jobs relevant information without leaving your desk. It is then relayed to our pagers. One of us will call to confirm your order within 5 minutes of receiving your page (allow 90 seconds for delivery to the pagers. In other words around 6 ½ minutes).*

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